Editing and Proofreading


As a journalist, I know how difficult it can be to edit your own work. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to review your copy and point out the parts that need to be improved.

When you’re too close to a project, it can be difficult to spot your own mistakes. But these errors can make or break your project. Misspelt words, typos or sentences that are grammatically incorrect will leave your audience doubting your ability to deliver the services you promise. They will lose confidence in your brand.

My editing and proofreading services will ensure that your copy is readable, professionally presented, and error-free.


As your editor, I will:

  • Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, spacing, and formatting
  • Improve sentence and copy structure
  • Edit copy so that it fits a certain word count
  • Tighten copy and eliminate redundant words
  • Replace repetitive words with synonyms and substitute weak words with powerful alternatives
  • Rewrite portions of your copy if required, or as requested.


As your proofreader, I will:

  • Check for spelling errors and typos
  • Review and correct any punctuation issues
  • Format your copy to ensure consistency and enhance readability.


For more information regarding my Editing and Proofreading services, get in touch.