You may have noticed that most copywriters don’t publish their rates on their website.

There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. It’s difficult to say how long a project will take without knowing exactly what is required.
  2. They are overpriced and won’t get clients if they tell you what they charge.
  3. There’s hidden costs that they’d rather not disclose.

But there’s nothing more annoying than clicking on a ‘rates’ page only to be told that you need to contact the business directly to find out what they charge.

I mean, at least gives us a ballpark figure so we know if it’s within our budget. Right?

When this happens I usually move onto the next service provider in the Google search results. And I’m guessing you do too.

I believe in being upfront from the moment you click on my website, until the completion of your project.

I know that open communication is the key to building successful relationships. And that when it comes to business, relationships are everything.

So here it is. Upfront, transparent pricing – no hidden surprises, no clever words to try and confuse you.  

I charge $80 an hour – which is at the bottom of the suggested price range, and a lot less than most copywriters. 

* To get an idea of industry pricing standards, check out the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) guide – Recommended Freelance Charge-out Rates.

The Clever Copywriting School also has a list of recommended rates, created in consultation with copywriters around Australia.


Affordable rates to help you succeed


So why do I set my rates so low I hear you ask.

Is it because I lack experience? Nope. I have more experience than most (20+ years).

Is it because I lack skill? Definitely not. I’m a copywriter, qualified journalist, technical writer, and editor.

Is it because I’m difficult to work with? Not according to my past and present clients – https://www.ashlingkwok.com

The ONLY reason I charge $80 an hour is because I want to help you succeed.

I know that running a business is a costly endeavour. And I know that many business owners are battling to stay afloat. 

And I genuinely want to help you. That’s all there is to it.


Realistic timelines for your copywriting projects


 So now that you know what I charge, it’s time to give you a rough idea of how long some of my most popular copywriting projects take to complete. 

  • Small web pages (up to 400 words) – 2-4 hours
  • Blog articles (up to 500 words) – 2-4 hours
  • Customer emails (up to 300 words) – 3-4 hours
  • Media releases – (up to 400 words) – 3-5 hours
  • Small 4pp brochure: 5-6 hours

I don’t charge ‘rush fees’. If I can help you out at the last minute, I will. If I can’t, I’ll tell you and offer you an alternative start date. 

I also don’t add “PIA” fees for difficult customers. I’ve never had one. And I don’t think you should be penalised if communication isn’t your strong point.

And most importantly, I will never, ever let you down! 

If you like what you’ve read and think I might be the perfect copywriter for your project, get in touch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.