My Copywriting Services: How I work

My copywriting process is simple and stress-free. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Initial Consultation
You get in touch. I’ll call or email you back – whichever you prefer – and ask you a few questions to determine the scope of your project.

2. Proposal
After your initial consultation, I’ll send you a proposal that will outline the details of the project. It will also contain my quote and Terms & Conditions.

If you decide to use my copywriting services, I’ll ask you to return the signed proposal and my T&Cs, and pay an upfront deposit.

3. Acceptance
We’ve agreed on the scope of the project, completion date and final cost. It’s time to get started.

Once you’re happy with what we’re doing, I will require a 50% deposit upfront to ensure that we are both committed to the project.

4. Briefing
We’ll discuss your brand, target market, competitors, tone of voice in more detail. Once again, we can do this on the phone or I can email you a set of questions – whichever you prefer.

5. First Draft
I’ll send you the first draft by the agreed date. This is your chance to provide feedback on the overall tone and style of the copy. Don’t get too caught up in the semantics of spelling and grammar at this stage.

At this stage, I will send an invoice for the remaining 50% of the project fee. This ensures we are both committed to seeing the project through to the end.

6. Review & Edits
I generally do three versions (first draft, second draft and final copy) which means that you will have two rounds of amendments to ensure you are completely happy.

Additional rounds will be charged at an hourly rate, as set out in my Terms & Conditions.

7. Project sign off
It’s time to celebrate! Your final draft is ready and free to publish after the final project payment has been made.

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